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established 2010

BASED IN traverse city, mi

available for travel

I'm alyson

As a photographer for ten years and a recent college graduate with a degree in hospitality and tourism management, I can assure that your photography experience will be nothing short of amazing. I have worked as a waitress, housekeeper, and drive through associate learning the ins and outs of how to bring forth my positivity in the toughest situations. 

I am greatly inspired by neutral colors, home organization, and deep conversations. I will openly admit that I am a struggling gluten free dieter and gym enthusiast. This battle is due to my absolute love for all things bread and cuddling up in a blanket on my couch. 

I’ve had the most incredible support system I could ever ask for throughout this journey. The kindness that has been shown to me is something I will forever be giving back to all of you. Let's connect and be friends in real life, I'd love to hear more about what makes you, you!

Some of the best stories don’t need winded explanations— they can be told in the silence. ”

I believe wholeheartedly in following your heart in the direction it leads you. Because you’ll eventually discover that it was a blessing or a lesson either way.

I grew up thinking I wanted to be an author someday. Without even knowing the content I wanted to create. I was very much into reading and the feelings it gave me throughout, however, I was so indecisive about the storylines when I tried to write my own.

At thirteen, I was introduced to the art of photography. With a $300 camera and little to no experience, I sat behind my computer and absorbed all of the knowledge I could about how to be a photographer.

The more and more I photographed, the more I realized that my vision of being an author was coming true. Though I wasn’t writing to tell stories, I was capturing them. It occurred to me that some of the best stories don’t need winded explanations— they can be told in the silence.

Fly or Drive?

Since many of my experiences of vacations in the car ended in me being overly tired and losing feeling in my body, I would absolutely fly over driving. Totally worth the extra money for a ticket!


Winter or Summer?

Hands down, Summer. There is just something about seeing the sun almost every day and being able to step outside in a t-shirt and shorts that will never get old. Living in Michigan, winters are miserable. It's the constant struggle between wanting to be somewhere warm and being where your family is.


Water or Pop?

Anyone that knows me knows that I drink water like a fish. I will bring my water bottle everywhere because I know I will get thirsty. With that being said, the only pop I like is Root Beer and it's on very rare occasions that I will have one. I have always been this way, not even fruity drinks do it for me. Nothing like a nice glass of water when you're thirsty!


Comedy or Horror Movies?

I struggled with depression and anxiety in my younger years so horror and mysteries seem to be downers for me. I will always choose a romantic comedy or Disney movie if I have the choice. I'd rather laugh through a movie than to be tense throughout it.


Laundry or Dishes?

This may be unpopular opinion for many but I would rather wash and fold ten loads of laundry than to do an entire sink of dishes that cannot be put in the dishwasher. Anyone else?


I would rather...



It all began at thirteen. 

At the age of thirteen I remember making 'music videos' with my cousin and photographing my friends in between sports and homework. Photography was a hobby for me that I seemed to be doing quite often.

One December a family friend had asked me to photograph her family for their Christmas cards. Without a driver's license or professional experience, my sister drove me to the location and I photographed my first session. Still not processing that this could be more than a hobby, others began contacting me with interest in how they could get on my schedule. What!

Ten years later and I still wonder how I got here but I am so absolutely thankful for that family that put their trust in me. With many google searches, photography courses, and practice -- my hobby quickly turned into my career and I have loved every minute of it.