Sunset Surprise Proposal at Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club | Collin + Kaylee

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A sweet photographer friend reached out to me on Instagram asking if I had July 31st available for a super sweet surprise proposal in Traverse City. Excited that I had the date open, she put me in contact with Collin & his sister to get all of the details figured out. In the midst of the conversation I found out that the proposal was actually going to be at the Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club of which I am very familiar with and was even more excited (if that’s possible!)

Back and forth conversation continued and Collin was so sweet to keep me in the loop as he communicated with the Bluffs on location and details. I could just feel the joy he was feeling through our conversation!

Leading up to the 31st I was checking the weather religiously. There was a 70% chance of rain at 7pm (the time he was going to propose) and didn’t seem to be budging. One last check before heading over to the Arcadia Bluffs and somehow the rain was going to hold off for us until later that evening!

When I arrived at the Bluffs I met Collin’s sister, Sydney, and she took me to the location where he was going to do it! Two white chairs, a vase of flowers, and some champagne were paired so nicely on the chairs along with a “reserved” card. I don’t even know how many people Sydney and I had to politely ask to move from that location so that it would be absolutely perfect! Lol.

Sydney told me that Kaylee would be wearing a red dress so that I could keep an eye out for her as they made their way to the chairs…. and as soon as I saw them sneak up behind me and walk over I started snapping away.

I cannot tell you how special it was to watch this moment happen! Kaylee was so surprised, jumping up and down with the biggest smile on her face. Immediately after Collin got up off one knee the entire deck of guests at the Bluffs cheered and whistled!


Collin and Kaylee laughed, kissed, hugged, and share drinks in the chairs as the bag piper played his music over the Bluffs. Simultaneously, I snuck away and was able to drive as quickly (& safely) as possible to Collin’s family cottage in Bear Lake where he had yet ANOTHER surprise for Kaylee.

All of their dearest friends and family were at the cottage with drinks, decorations, food, and a band to play! When Kaylee and Collin arrived I don’t think I have ever been so choked up. These photos just tell the entire story!

To be a part of their special day was so incredible! I absolutely love getting to do this as my job and to meet such amazing people along the way.

Collin & Kaylee, I am so happy for the two of you and I am so excited for your future!! Congratulations!!

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