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I have seen so many photographers share beautiful lay flat images of wedding details and stock images circling social media. When I went online to purchase a styling board I just couldn’t bite the price tag quite yet. I decided I would give my own DIY styling boards a try. I just want to preface by saying they are not high end by any means, but they get the job done and are absolutely beautiful! I guess that the final photo is all that matters!

Here is the step by step process that I did to make these boards:

Step 1 – Purchase your supplies. The 18×16 canvas boards were on sale for $9.99 for two at Hobby Lobby so I ended up getting three sets to make six boards. I then got a yard of fabric for each board, all a different color and texture. Then, I purchased some spray on adhesive and some pretty real life looking florals for styling.

Step 2 – Cut your fabric. You’ll want to cut your fabric to fit just a little larger than the canvas. You want to do this so you can wrap it around the edges.

Step 3 – Iron your fabric. I don’t have a photo to show for this step, but I did not have an iron and the fabric was really wrinkly. I used a hair straightener instead and it worked like a charm!

Step 4 – Spray your board with adhesive spray. You can also connect your fabric to your board with staples and a staple gun but I didn’t have those things so I decided to go the cheaper way. Be sure to spray the board well but do not get too close to where it puddles, it will show through your fabric. Also, you may want to use gloves while working with this stuff. I had never used it before and was peeling adhesive off my hands for a few days after because I didn’t have gloves.

Step 5 – Put the fabric on the board. Lay your fabric on top of the sprayed board. Be sure to make it nice and tight and wrinkle free. The adhesive spray dries relatively quick so be sure not to spend too much time on this process.

Step 6 –Flip the board and cover edges. Flip the board over and spray the edges with more adhesive spray. Start on one side and work your way around. Be sure to pull the fabric nice and tight before sticking it down to get all the wrinkles out.

Step 7 – Cut off excess fabric. Some excess fabric may be leftover and in the way on the back. Just take some scissors and cut that off. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’re only worried about the front anyways.

Step 8 – Iron the front of the board one more time. If I had a real iron, I would iron the board/fabric one more time to be certain I got all the wrinkles out. This step is just a finisher.

There you have it! This is a cheap and effective way to make your own styling boards for weddings or stock images. You can choose any kind of fabric from your local fabric store and make as many of these boards as you’d like! Some lay flat examples are pictured below.

Have fun!

(Three packs of 2 canvases to make 6 boards total)

These roses are the rubber feeling roses from Hobby Lobby. I don’t love the cloth flowers because they show the fabric when photographing up close.

I chose to stick with neutrals for my boards because I wanted a good variety at weddings, but you can absolutely choose more bright and bold colors! It’d be so pretty!

There are many different brands of the adhesive spray, I just bought one of the cheapest ones!

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